Veterans Placement & Staffing

Welcome to Veterans Placement & Staffing in Memphis, TN

Veterans Placement & Staffing is first, and foremost, a staffing company with an independent spirit. VPS is a privately owned company. We do not answer to shareholders, or any outside forces. We only answer to our clients.

OUR MISSION at Veterans Placement & Staffing is to establish partnerships, and to provide local businesses with the most talented and skilled seasoned Veterans that bring leadership and commitment to their jobs.      

The only thing that cannot be duplicated by another staffing company is the commitment, competence, and loyalty of our Veteran Associates.


Why Hire Vets?

Become a part of “Vow to Hire Heroes” a partnership where we are making an all-out effort to support our returning Veterans.

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Why VPS?

We have been staffing and scheduling individuals and meeting our employment demands for over 35 years.

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